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About us

Pooyesh Gostar Sanat was established in 1996 to provide a variety of commercial and engineering services in domestic and foreign areas in major of power generation, oil & gas and petrochemical industries. As an EPC contractor, by exploiting experienced and talented specialists, PGS has been able to deliver high quality services by collaborative working with various accredited local and international resources. Considering this partnership, this company has emerged as a leading firm to provide different services including supplying, manufacturing, overhaul and maintenance. in 2011 pooyesh gostar sanat company(PGS) lunched a manufacturing and repair workshop in safa dasht industrial town around Tehran city.

Our Mission :
Services quality and efficiency enhancement to gain market and achieve a sustainable reputation in both domestic and international market.
Improve productivity by efficiency boosting and utilizing facilities.
Engaging employee in their related skills development programs by academic and on-site training to pave the way for continual progression.

Top Chart of Pooyesh Gostar Sanat

Activity Fields and Services

PGS provides general and specialized FIELD AND SHOP SERVICES including engineering, refurbishment, maintenance, overhaul, renovation and supply of different spare parts and equipment for power stations. with more than two decades of experience.

1. Power Transformers

A. Power Trans:
Repair, maintenance and performance test of different types of transformers transformer.
B. Mobile Sub-station:
Designing, manufacturing and installation of mobile transformers.

2. Boilers

Designing, manufacturing, repair and maintenance of boiler's parts and auxiliary equipment.
Bending and forming of boiler tubes
Manufacturing pressure parts including header, water wall panel, super heater, re-heater and economizer bundles, etc.
Performing heat treatment procedures and development of executive special welding procedures
Supply HRSG combine cycle fine tube

3. Heat exchanger

Designing and manufacturing various types of heat exchangers and pressure vessels
Repair, Re-tube and renovation of heat exchangers. Including shell and tube heat exchanger, Steam Coil, Oil cooler, Air cooler and air heater.

4. Turbines

Repair and overhaul services of steam and gas turbines. GE F9,F6,F5 - SIEMENS (V94.2,V93.0)-BBC-MITSUBISHI-ALSTOM
Major repairs and inspection of hot gas path.
Renewal and retrofit of hot gas path equipment in cooperation with European companies.
PGS is confirmed by Iran power ministry as a vendor list member for GE, Ansaldo, Siemens and LMZ turbines services based on its practical experience.

5. R&D and Engineering solution

Designing and manufacturing of automatic and semi-automatic equipment in the field of welding
Remaining life assessment enhancement of power plant equipment
Failure analyze of boilers and heat exchangers
Complying with latest standards including ISO,EN,ESTM,ASME,TEMA,HEI standards in designing and fabrication procedures.

6. Supply

PGS supplies a wide range of varied types of capital components of Turbine including Blades, Nozzles, Liners, Transition pieces and auxiliary equipment for Steam and Gas units from accredited partners such as Ansaldo, Siemens, and TSL. PGS has a good reputation for GE F5, F6, F9 and siemens V94.2, LMZ and BBC.
Boiler and Heat Exchanger Tubes and Fin Tubes including Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel, Duplex, Copper alloy, FINE TUBE, etc.
Tube Sheet, Header, Fittings and Flanges

Workshop Equipments

Three-axis gate CNC machine: Based on PGS Co. order with the ability to Deep drilling for high pressure heater sheet tube without any similar in Iran

water wall panel's Automatic welding machine
pipe internal automatic welding machine
Types of welding rectifiers (electric and argon)
Types of inverter welding machines (electricity and argon)
MIG & MAG welding machines
Beveling Machine
PWHT Local device
Stress relieving furnaces
Gojing machine
NC hydraulic pipe bending machine
Hydraulic pipe rolling machine
Tape saw machine
Plasma cutting machine
Radial drill machine
Column drill machine
Magnet drill machine
Semi-automatic cutting machines for sheet and tanks
Tube expander For boiler and heat exchanger pipes

Hydrostatic testing device 400 BAR
20 ton workshop overhead crane
10 ton workshop overhead crane
5 ton workshop overhead crane
Winch 50 tons
Winch 5 tons
Types of chain and manual cranes
Types of tirfor
Types of hydraulic jacks 5 to 50 tons Electric and manual
Workshop compressor
2000 liter screw site compressor
250 liter mobile compressor
Thermal cutting equipment
2 meter lathe machine
4 meter lathe machine
All tools related to overhaul of turbines and generators
Types of measurement and instrumentation equipment


1. Supply of boiler and heat exchanger tubes
supply of fine tube T91,T22 super heater for yazd combine cycle power plant
supply of super heater pipes for boiler, Zargan/Ahvaz thermal power station
supply of stainless steel Seemless tubes for boiler's reheat Rajaee power station
Supply of soot blower tubes belong to Sistan & Balouchestan Power Generation Co.
Supply of boiler water wall tubes and elbow belong to Tehran Power Generation Co.
Supply of condenser pipe for Zarand Power Plant boilers

2. Supply of turbine and compressor capital spare parts
supply of gas turbine hot section F9 type DNL Mobin petrochemical company
supply of turbine rotary and stationary blades for simense V94.2 belong to kerman combine cycle
supply of compressor casing and HP/LP rotor for GE F5 MS5002/nouvo pignone belong to Pars petrochemical company
Supply of 5 sets GEF5 second stage nozzle and blades belong to Sistan and Balouchestan Regional Power Co.
Supply of GEF6 spare parts for Nasseryah Power Plant (Iraq)
Supply of blades for V94.2 Combined Cycle Power Plant belongs to Western Azarbayjan Power Generation Co.

3. Maintenance and overhaul of Turbine and Compressor
Overhaul of G11 unit one belongs to Dorood Gas Power Plant.
Overhaul of GEF6 unit belongs to Nasseryah Power Plant.
Maintenance of turbo compressor and generator of V93 unit 2 belongs to Loshan Power Generation Management Co.
Refurbishment of Type9-BBC inner casing belongs to Oroomieh gas power plant.

4. Maintenance, overhaul and re-tubing of boilers and heat exchangers
Overhaul and re-tube of unit 5 high pressure heater belongs to Shahid Rajaee Power Generation Management Co.
Replacement of Boiler tubes (Unit 1) belongs to Zarand Power Plant.
Unit 7 high pressure heater overhaul belongs to Neka Power Plant.
Maintenance of unit 1 boiler belongs to Bisetoon Power Generation Management Co.
Overhaul of boiler tubes and header economizer belongs to Montazer Qaem Power Plant ( Unit 2)
Refurbishment of boiler belongs to Montazer Qaem Power Plant ( Unit 4 )

5. Supply of measurement and instrument spare parts
Supply of accumulator bladder of LFO for GEF9 belongs to Sina Gostar Pardisan (3 pcs.)
Supply of spare parts for F5 & F6 turbine gas belongs to Kish Power and Water Co.
Supply of V94.2 spare parts for Damavand Power Plant.

6. Designing, engineering and manufacturing
Designing and manufacturing of 400 pcs. Cross fire tube (GEF5) for Delta Co. in Iraq.
Designing and manufacturing of a low pressure heater belongs to Bandar Abbas Power Generation Co.
Manufacturing of 50 pcs. Transition peace lock plat for Yazd Power Plant.
Design and manufacture of two low pressure steam heater units of Lushan power generation unit
Design and construction of Steam Air Heater unit of Toos Energy Supply Company of Toos
Design and construction of Steel Air Heat Coil unit of Isfahan Power Generation Company

PGSPower List for Executed Projects


News & Events

Dear customers, partners and suppliers

We at Pooyesh Gostar Sanat, as everyone, are concerned about the situation surrounding the Corona virus worldwide and of course here in IRAN. We are adopting all the necessary measures recommended by Ministry of Health and Medical education and the WHO (World Health Organization) in order to protect our employees, customers and suppliers and their families from the Corona virus.
We know that the number of confirmed and suspected cases of Covid-19 around the world is continually increasing. And we are aware of the uncertainty this can cause to our clients, partners and suppliers. In light of this, we at Pooyesh Gostar Sanat advise you that the company remains open for business, even if substantial parts of our team will work remotely.
Pooyesh Gostar Sanat is working electronically considering social distances as much as possible and we are taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Below are some guidelines that we are following during this critical period to contain the spread of Covid-19:
• We are ready to have conferencing whenever possible and provide the tools for remote meetings to all employees.
• Trips abroad have been suspended until further notice.
• We have intensified hygiene and the cleaning of our office areas and equipment.
• We have made hand sanitizer available in all our office spaces.
• We inform and continually update our employees about personal hygiene and how to act in cases of suspected infection.
• We have been constantly monitoring employees who have travelled outside since the first reported case of Covid-19.
We are doing our best to render our services as usual and on time, but ask for patience and understanding for any delays that may occur.