1. Supply of boiler and heat exchanger tubes
supply of fine tube T91,T22 super heater for yazd combine cycle power plant
supply of super heater pipes for boiler, Zargan/Ahvaz thermal power station
supply of stainless steel Seemless tubes for boiler’s reheat Rajaee power station
Supply of soot blower tubes belong to Sistan & Balouchestan Power Generation Co.
Supply of boiler water wall tubes and elbow belong to Tehran Power Generation Co.
Supply of condenser pipe for Zarand Power Plant boilers

2. Supply of turbine and compressor capital spare parts
supply of gas turbine hot section F9 type DNL Mobin petrochemical company
supply of turbine rotary and stationary blades for simense V94.2 belong to kerman combine cycle
supply of compressor casing and HP/LP rotor for GE F5 MS5002/nouvo pignone belong to Pars petrochemical company
Supply of 5 sets GEF5 second stage nozzle and blades belong to Sistan and Balouchestan Regional Power Co.
Supply of GEF6 spare parts for Nasseryah Power Plant (Iraq)
Supply of blades for V94.2 Combined Cycle Power Plant belongs to Western Azarbayjan Power Generation Co.

3. Maintenance and overhaul of Turbine and Compressor
Overhaul of G11 unit one belongs to Dorood Gas Power Plant.
Overhaul of GEF6 unit belongs to Nasseryah Power Plant.
Maintenance of turbo compressor and generator of V93 unit 2 belongs to Loshan Power Generation Management Co.
Refurbishment of Type9-BBC inner casing belongs to Oroomieh gas power plant.

4. Maintenance, overhaul and re-tubing of boilers and heat exchangers
Overhaul and re-tube of unit 5 high pressure heater belongs to Shahid Rajaee Power Generation Management Co.
Replacement of Boiler tubes (Unit 1) belongs to Zarand Power Plant.
Unit 7 high pressure heater overhaul belongs to Neka Power Plant.
Maintenance of unit 1 boiler belongs to Bisetoon Power Generation Management Co.
Overhaul of boiler tubes and header economizer belongs to Montazer Qaem Power Plant ( Unit 2)
Refurbishment of boiler belongs to Montazer Qaem Power Plant ( Unit 4 )

5. Supply of measurement and instrument spare parts
Supply of accumulator bladder of LFO for GEF9 belongs to Sina Gostar Pardisan (3 pcs.)
Supply of spare parts for F5 & F6 turbine gas belongs to Kish Power and Water Co.
Supply of V94.2 spare parts for Damavand Power Plant.

6. Designing, engineering and manufacturing
Designing and manufacturing of 400 pcs. Cross fire tube (GEF5) for Delta Co. in Iraq.
Designing and manufacturing of a low pressure heater belongs to Bandar Abbas Power Generation Co.
Manufacturing of 50 pcs. Transition peace lock plat for Yazd Power Plant.
Design and manufacture of two low pressure steam heater units of Lushan power generation unit
Design and construction of Steam Air Heater unit of Toos Energy Supply Company of Toos
Design and construction of Steel Air Heat Coil unit of Isfahan Power Generation Company