Workshop Equipments

Three-axis gate CNC machine: Based on PGS Co. order with the ability to Deep drilling for high pressure heater sheet tube without any similar in Iran
water wall panel’s Automatic welding machine
pipe internal automatic welding machine
Types of welding rectifiers (electric and argon)
Types of inverter welding machines (electricity and argon)
MIG & MAG welding machines
Beveling Machine
PWHT Local device
Stress relieving furnaces
Gojing machine
NC hydraulic pipe bending machine
Hydraulic pipe rolling machine
Tape saw machine
Plasma cutting machine
Radial drill machine
Column drill machine
Magnet drill machine
Semi-automatic cutting machines for sheet and tanks
Tube expander For boiler and heat exchanger pipes
Hydrostatic testing device 400 BAR
20 ton workshop overhead crane
10 ton workshop overhead crane
5 ton workshop overhead crane
Winch 50 tons
Winch 5 tons
Types of chain and manual cranes
Types of tirfor
Types of hydraulic jacks 5 to 50 tons Electric and manual
Workshop compressor
2000 liter screw site compressor
250 liter mobile compressor
Thermal cutting equipment
2 meter lathe machine
4 meter lathe machine
All tools related to overhaul of turbines and generators
Types of measurement and instrumentation equipment