Activity Fields and Services

PGS provides general and specialized FIELD AND SHOP SERVICES including engineering, refurbishment, maintenance, overhaul, renovation and supply of different spare parts and equipment for power stations. with more than two decades of experience.

1. Power Transformers

A. Power Trans:
Repair, maintenance and performance test of different types of transformers transformer.
B. Mobile Sub-station:
Designing, manufacturing and installation of mobile transformers.

2. Boilers

Designing, manufacturing, repair and maintenance of boiler’s parts and auxiliary equipment.
Bending and forming of boiler tubes
Manufacturing pressure parts including header, water wall panel, super heater, re-heater and economizer bundles, etc.
Performing heat treatment procedures and development of executive special welding procedures
Supply HRSG combine cycle fine tube

3. Heat exchanger

Designing and manufacturing various types of heat exchangers and pressure vessels
Repair, Re-tube and renovation of heat exchangers. Including shell and tube heat exchanger, Steam Coil, Oil cooler, Air cooler and air heater.

4. Turbines

Repair and overhaul services of steam and gas turbines. GE F9,F6,F5 – SIEMENS (V94.2,V93.0)-BBC-MITSUBISHI-ALSTOM
Major repairs and inspection of hot gas path.
Renewal and retrofit of hot gas path equipment in cooperation with European companies.
PGS is confirmed by Iran power ministry as a vendor list member for GE, Ansaldo, Siemens and LMZ turbines services based on its practical experience.

5. R&D and Engineering solution

Designing and manufacturing of automatic and semi-automatic equipment in the field of welding
Remaining life assessment enhancement of power plant equipment
Failure analyze of boilers and heat exchangers
Complying with latest standards including ISO,EN,ESTM,ASME,TEMA,HEI standards in designing and fabrication procedures.

6. Supply

PGS supplies a wide range of varied types of capital components of Turbine including Blades, Nozzles, Liners, Transition pieces and auxiliary equipment for Steam and Gas units from accredited partners such as Ansaldo, Siemens, and TSL. PGS has a good reputation for GE F5, F6, F9 and siemens V94.2, LMZ and BBC.
Boiler and Heat Exchanger Tubes and Fin Tubes including Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel, Duplex, Copper alloy, FINE TUBE, etc.
Tube Sheet, Header, Fittings and Flanges