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Dear customers, partners and suppliers

We at Pooyesh Gostar Sanat, as everyone, are concerned about the situation surrounding the Corona virus worldwide and of course here in IRAN. We are adopting all the necessary measures recommended by Ministry of Health and Medical education and the WHO (World Health Organization) in order to protect our employees, customers and suppliers and their families from the Corona virus.
We know that the number of confirmed and suspected cases of Covid-19 around the world is continually increasing. And we are aware of the uncertainty this can cause to our clients, partners and suppliers. In light of this, we at Pooyesh Gostar Sanat advise you that the company remains open for business, even if substantial parts of our team will work remotely.
Pooyesh Gostar Sanat is working electronically considering social distances as much as possible and we are taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Below are some guidelines that we are following during this critical period to contain the spread of Covid-19:
• We are ready to have conferencing whenever possible and provide the tools for remote meetings to all employees.
• Trips abroad have been suspended until further notice.
• We have intensified hygiene and the cleaning of our office areas and equipment.
• We have made hand sanitizer available in all our office spaces.
• We inform and continually update our employees about personal hygiene and how to act in cases of suspected infection.
• We have been constantly monitoring employees who have travelled outside since the first reported case of Covid-19.
We are doing our best to render our services as usual and on time, but ask for patience and understanding for any delays that may occur.